Every business should have a 90-Day plan that the whole team can get behind - but somehow "business" gets in the way!  

The Strategy:Execution Gap 
Only around 10% of businesses are good at both strategy and execution. These businesses outperform their competitors both in terms of profit growth and increased value. The remaining 90% are evenly split between good at one or the other or poor at both! 

90-Day Planning 

A robust 90 day planning cycle is the one key thing that any business owner can implement straight away that will have the biggest impact on their chances of success. 
All business – large and small – can benefit enormously from a solid 90-day planning process – and most business don’t do it. 
Done well, you and your team will walk away with... 
A 90 Day plan you can be confident in, broken down into clearly defined steps 
Energy, Clarity, Insight, Direction and FOCUS 
Confidence that you are going in the right direction 
Challenge and Accountability from your peers – your own business or external 
Re-kindled passion and enthusiasm in your business 
A switched-on network of business contacts to work with 
You’ll create momentum, you and your team will have a clear picture of where your business will be within 90 days, and a step-by-step plan to get you there. 

Why you should do it!  

Thomas Edison is credited with saying ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ – and it is true for business. If you are still searching for that magic wand that will transform your business into everything you ever wanted it to be, then perhaps you are not ready for ESUS. Sure, there are frameworks and ways of approaching things that will help you, but it is ‘executing’ consistently well over time that will make the difference. 
Every now and then we may have a ‘light bulb’ moment, but mainly it is about the cumulative effect of multiple small steps in the right direction. This is essentially about creating, implementing and maintaining good ‘habits’. 
A core habit central to ESUS is the 90 day planning rhythm. 

Smart90 Software 

And because it is so important we have developed our own Smart90 software to help with developing, capturing and implementing 90-day priorities within the business. 
It allows different levels of access for team members so that everyone can have visibility of the business vision and priorities, and to capture and track progress against their individual rocks. 
Built into the meeting rhythm of the business, this means that not only is everyone aligned and clear on what is important, but there is a way to help keep each other on track within the 90 days. 

Get Everyone on the same page 

Visibility to everyone of the Vision and Goals for the business. 
Agree, share, allocate and track progress against company and individual 90 day priorities 
Agree and capture the key things that would represent a successful 90 days-set accountabilities and track progress. 

Develop and share individual ‘Rocks’ and actions 

Take it to the next level and define and track rocks and actions for key individuals-ensuring that we achieve our company priorities – bridging the strategy:execution gap! 

The ultimate scaling checklist – our InFlight Checks 

Benchmark for Scalability, value and resilience. Check progress with the team against 130 checks for building a scalable and ultimately valuable business 
Identify the next improvement focus. 
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